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Sleeping for success: The links between sleep, performance and wellbeing

We spend around 1/3 of our lives asleep, which for the average person translates into 9,733 days or 233,600 hours. This may seem like a big proportion of our lives that we “lose”, however quality and quantity of sleep directly affects the remaining 2/3 of our time that we are conscious. Quality vs Quantity When […]

Managing Uncertainty and Change in the Workplace

Managing Uncertainty and Change in the Workplace During periods of change, it’s normal for feelings of uncertainty to manifest in the workplace. In the last few years, the working world has had to continuously adapt in response to significant challenges; such as COVID-19, staff shortages, the socioeconomic climate and the development of technologies that redefine […]

Wellbeing in Winter: A Manager’s Guide to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

As the short days and gloomy weather continue, professionals in the UK and across the northern hemisphere face the annual challenge of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), with 1 in 15 people in the UK affected by it. In this article, we’ll explore the effects of SAD on workplace performance and provide insights on how managers […]

Employee recognition is not just a courtesy; it’s a necessity

In the modern workplace, the importance of employee recognition cannot be overstressed. In a world marked by continual change and evolving workplace dynamics, acknowledging and appreciating your team’s efforts is not just a courtesy; it’s a strategic necessity. Unleashing Potential Through Recognition Recognition is about highlighting and reinforcing the genuinely positive behaviours and outcomes of […]

Our 5 Pillars For Perpetuating Organisational Success

As Business Psychologists, our 5 pillars for perpetuating organisational success provide a foundation for us to leverage our expertise in and experience of behavioural science to deliver evidence-based solutions for key challenges facing organisations, enabling positive and high-performing working environments. Our 5 pillars are: Performance Without high-level performance, success will remain a distant dream. We […]

Navigating Menopause in the Workplace: Insights from Business Psychology

‘I can literally pinpoint the first moment when I think my perimenopausal (menopause) symptoms started. It’s a little bit like when a huge famous event happens, you know like the death of Princess Diana or Barack Obama becoming President of the United States. I just remember exactly where I was, what I was doing, what […]

Playing to Our Strengths

Strengths are defined as things that we are good at, but that we also enjoy doing. People who use their strengths report higher levels of wellbeing, motivation, career success and self-confidence and lower levels of stress. Crucially for organisations, research has shown that using strengths-based approaches brings commercial success, higher customer engagement, higher staff engagement […]

The Importance of Rest

The weather might be deceiving, but it’s summer here in the UK. The summer period is typically associated with holidays – an opportunity for people to rest and reset before returning to work. Whilst going on holiday may be a luxury, taking the time to rest is a necessity. Regardless of how busy life may […]

Building Positive Workplace Habits

Building positive habits at work can help us to progress towards our goals and achieve our potential at work. Knowing where to start when building these positive habits is difficult, but with the right knowledge and support, we can begin to promote positive habits and reduce negative ones. What are habits? Very simply, habits are […]

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