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What do our clients say about us?

NHS Mental Health Trust

“We have been working with Impact for several years to recruit our senior leaders. This has been a cost effective and scientific process which has been a good investment. It has helped us to recruit talented leaders who are contributing to the care of our service users and improving the organisations culture.”

NHS Agency

“Thanks very much for COVID-19 team session today. It was an extremely productive and enjoyable session. The team commented on how useful the session would be for others experiencing change. Would definitely recommend them. Thanks”

NHS North West, Leadership Academy

“The NHS NW Leadership Academy has an ongoing business relationship with Impact, working on Leadership Development and Executive Coaching. I have always found both Shelly and her company to have exceptional standards, a high degree of integrity, authenticity and the values and principles that we regard as important to the NHS. We would highly recommend Impact to other organisations.”

Greater Manchester Police

“I was so impressed with the coach’s professional approach, attitude and ability to identify core issues quickly.”


“Shelly has been an exemplary coach and mentor. She quickly built an accurate picture of my development needs and personality traits that she used to guide me in taking responsibility for my own development. I shall always value the advice she gave me and the confidence she instils.”

University of Leicester

“The feedback that we received from our delegates was positive, very informative and enjoyable. They had a great time and learned a great deal.”

Birchwood Park

“Last year the Birchwood estate generated the strongest overall returns that have been achieved for 7 years. We think that this has been driven by multiple factors, a significant one being a highly effective and focused team. This has been hugely influenced by Impact’s work in diagnosing the necessary changes and implementing a structured and targeted management development and customer focused culture change programme. I will gladly recommend them to growing businesses.”

Trinity Multi Academy Trust

“We got so much out of the day. We have all spoken positively about the experience and know that we are going to work much more effectively as a team. We used values to help us with our priorities, and we got agreement. We all came out of the meeting having a clear understanding of what we each had to do. It worked really well.”

NHS North West Leadership Academy

“Impact Consulting have exceptionally high standards, values that align with the NHS, understand and adapt to current context, have a breadth of experience, are able to work in collaboration and play an active part in co-production with our members as we develop appropriate leadership development interventions.”

Intermede Investment Partners

“The Intermede team found the Team Development session, run by Impact, to be very helpful. It made us reflect on our internal processes and relationships and some positive changes were made as a result.”

Senior British Army Officer

“Was sceptical beforehand, but thought I’d give it a go.  I’m now a full advocate and have encouraged my team to make use of the amazing coaching offer from the Army.

Impact showed me how to interpret the results to identify areas on which we could work. I think you really need to do the tests repeatedly over a period of time to see if behaviours are changing and the work is having a positive effect.

We started by reviewing the psychometric results, which naturally led to discussions of my own perceived strengths and weaknesses and areas for development. Although I was sceptical about the MBTI results my coach was able to convince me otherwise and used them to set out a plan which formed the basis for the next sessions. Concurrently, we discussed situations that had gone well and – more importantly – badly and worked up a strategy to mitigate the issues utilizing tools I had not seen before. Each session concluded with my coach setting me homework, based largely around employing the tools and techniques we had discussed.

I have improved my communication and working relationships with contemporaries, sub-ordinates and, particularly, my superiors.

  • I have become more open and candid in my dealings with others and, indeed, with myself.
  • I have learned techniques to review engagements, analyse the outcomes and identify areas for improvement that I wish I had known earlier.
  • I increasingly understand where I can add value and where others are better equipped to do so.

The fact that I have opted to extend my coaching is testimony to the value I place upon it. I cannot recommend it strongly enough, whatever individuals’ circumstances.”

Vocational Training Organisation

“I have never had one to one coaching session before and following the completion of my session I can honestly say that I can see a difference in the way I approach situations and how I handle my own expectations. I feel like I’m a better version of me!

We all need to take a look in the mirror sometimes at how and why we react or behave the way we do in certain situations and having a professional qualified coach to help guide you during the process is the best way to do it. It isn’t easy and sometime can be upsetting but the outcome for me personally has made it all worth it.”

General & Vascular Surgery

“My experience as a coachee was really valuable and I’m putting your principles of leadership and influence into practice every day!”

Executive-Level Coachee

“The sessions were very supportive at a much-needed time. These sessions were partly delivered pre pandemic when I was relativity new in post, and during the pandemic.

The sessions provided distance, structured reflection, and a safe space to talk through issues and challenges. The coach challenged some of my assumptions helping me to reframe some of my thoughts.

The time spent together also supported me through some of the emotional challenges I felt in dealing with the pandemic and being a senior leader during this time.

Session content was always discussed further to the next session and could change right up to the next session to ensure it was responsive to the issues I felt were most important at the time. Sessions were structured and the responses provided ahead of sessions or for use in between sessions were excellent and very appropriate to the matters under discussion.

Coaching has improved my leadership ability and focus on staff well-being which indirectly will have improved my team’s ability to function and respond to the leadership demands of.”

Multi Academy Trust

“We loved working with you, and we got so much out of the day. We have all spoke very positively about the experience and we know we are going to work much more effectively as a team.”

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