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Who We Are

We develop individuals and organisations

Impact Consulting

Here to support you and your business

Impact Psychology for business is a psychology consultancy that is here to help organisations and individuals thrive! We use behavioural science to deliver evidence-based solutions, supporting organisations with talent assessment, performance improvement, change management, leadership development and increasing wellbeing to achieve success.

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Our expertise in developing leaders means that we can target these areas from the top to realise a complete transformation to your organisation; one that creates impact.


Some of the many benefits of our work are job satisfaction, highly engaged employees, optimal job performance, increased wellbeing, and healthy organisational cultures.

Our History

Impact was established in 1994 by Shelly Rubinstein, a leading Chartered Psychologist, who has been recognised for her achievements in the field of Occupational Psychology by The British Psychological Society, gaining the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.

Impact Psychology has worked with numerous organisations and many leaders, helping them create a positive culture with sustainable results.

We have a diverse and talented team of highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable professionals and specialists. Based in Manchester, we work across the UK and internationally, delivering world class business psychology that generates lasting results.

Our Purpose and Values

We enable individuals, teams and organisations to perform and thrive. We deliver evidence-based interventions and support adapted to the specific needs of the client through organisational development programmes, leadership and management training, coaching, wellbeing workshops, assessment and selection, change management and action learning.

Evidence Based

Best practice is at the heart of our business, enabling us to share the most rigorous approach with our partners and clients. We bring the latest scientific theory and research and apply this knowledge to support our clients in managing organisational challenges.


We listen to our clients to understand what they are going through. We are courageous in highlighting the best solutions, going the extra mile to support the organisations we work with.


We aim high and we like to exceed our clients expectations. Our solutions are pragmatic and practical, focusing on achieving results and bringing the best possible value.


Our work is bespoke. We pay attention to each individual and organisation to achieve the best results. Our approach is diverse and inclusive, embracing everyone to achieve anything.

Our People

Meet the people responsible for your success

Our Core Team

Shelly Rubinstein
Chief Executive
Allison Marshall
Practice Manager
Michael Rubinstein
Chief Financial Officer
Maria Moneva
Senior Business Psychologist and Head of Assessment
Mike Giffin
Director of Business Psychology
Ella Mulcahy
Business Psychologist
Liam Brodigan
Assistant Business Psychologist

Our Associates

Anne Stojic
Claire Harris
Dr Liz Mear
Dr Phil Bardzil
Elaine Sutton
Janice Clare
Joanne Marshall
Julia Sandford
Juliette Yardley
Linda Miller
Megan Meredith
Nicole Banerji
Rosemary Schaeffer
Su Fowler-Johnson

We’re here to help, so if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!