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News and Views

Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

As hybrid and remote working are becoming more prevalent among employees, the lines between work and home have become harder to separate and many of us have found it difficult to maintain a good work-life balance (1). In light of this, it’s important for us to recognise the benefits of spending time away from work […]

How to Reduce the Risk of Stress and Burnout

The risk of workplace stress becoming overwhelming and leading to burnout is very real for many people, particularly in a post pandemic and agile working world. With multiple competing priorities and often not enough time or people to deliver it is perhaps unsurprising that our mental health might be impacted. In this article we explore […]

Hybrid Working is Here to Stay

A recent CIPD survey (1) reported an increase in employers supporting and already providing a day one right to request hybrid working arrangements. More than a third (37%) had seen an increase in requests for FW in the previous six months. Over half of organisations (56%) believe that it is important to provide flexible working […]

Maximising Employee Performance Through Compassionate Leadership

Compassion can be defined as “sensitivity to suffering/distress in self and others with a commitment to try to alleviate and prevent it” Cole-King and Gilbert, 2011. Compassionate leadership creates the right environment for individuals to enable them to reach their full potential and feel respected and valued at work [1]. It is about building close […]

Benefits of a Strength-Based Approach

The strength-based approach refers to a ‘work practice theory’ that focuses on individuals self-determination and strength. This approach brings awareness to individuals of the value that they can offer by being their authentic self through encouraging them to maximise their strengths rather than focusing on their weaknesses and development needs [1,2,3]. In this article, we […]

Strengthening Trust in The Workplace

Trust is an essential factor for human affairs and is strongly linked to workplace success and job satisfaction [1]. However, the shift towards hybrid and remote working, which has led to a lack of physical proximity between colleagues, has had a negative impact on relationship building and the process of building and strengthening trust between individuals. […]

System Working and the Role of the Leader

Working in a system involves moving away from a individualistic perspective and employing a holistic approach. This is achieved by considering how different parts of the system interact with each other and recognising how departments, organisations or sectors can come together to deliver a vision and tackle problems [1]. Holistic thinking emphasises the complexity, dynamism, […]

“Change Is the Only Constant” – So How Can We Manage It Effectively?

Change is constant in any organisation. Some of the factors driving it are increased globalisation, the rapid pace of technological innovation, the shifting of the workforce, and social and demographic trends. The continuous business transformation enables employees to further develop their skills, which ultimately benefits the organisation. Although successfully managing change is crucial for organisations’ […]

Supporting Neurodivergent People to Perform Their Best at Work

Recruiting neurodivergent people and including them as part of the workforce has improved in recent years. This movement has been propelled by well-known companies such as SAP, Virgin and Microsoft offering neurodivergent inclusion programs, which highlights the significance of employing neurodivergent people [1]. In this article we will be exploring the advantages of having a […]

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