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We help organisations attract and select the best candidates, placing talented people in the right roles. The methods we use are evidence-based, innovative and technologically advanced.

What We Offer

Assessment Consultation Services

We help you address any recruitment related challenges and identify ways to fill your ‘talent gaps’.

Job Analysis

Our team use a high-level and in-depth process to identify the skills, knowledge and abilities your candidates will need for a particular job.

Psychometric Testing

Our qualified team are recognised as one of the industry leaders in effective psychometric testing. This plays an invaluable part in the recruitment process as it is a fair and objective way of evaluating ability, aptitude, reasoning, critical thinking and personality.

Talent Management

Once you have recruited your best-fit candidates how do you manage and accelerate the talent in your organisation? Our bespoke and effective assessments are the most pro-active way of measuring the progress of your people and making future proof decisions about their development and prospects.

Assessment Centres

We work with you to design the most robust and effective testing specifically for your recruitment and promotion requirements. Our experienced team assesses aptitude and performance using rigorous diagnostic processes, including in-depth psychometric testing and assessment centres, to discover abilities and development potential, and match those to the requirements of the role.

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Attraction of the best candidates and provide a positive candidate experience
Rigorous and robust assessments and decisions
Reduced recruitment costs and risks


“We have been working with Impact for several years to recruit our senior leaders. This has been a cost effective and scientific process which has been a good investment. It has helped us to recruit talented leaders who are contributing to the care of our service users and improving the organisations culture.”

NHS Mental Health Trust

We’re here to help, so if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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