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Managing Uncertainty and Change in the Workplace

Managing Uncertainty and Change in the Workplace During periods of change, it’s normal for feelings of uncertainty to manifest in the workplace. In the last few years, the working world has had to continuously adapt in response to significant challenges; such as COVID-19, staff shortages, the socioeconomic climate and the development of technologies that redefine the ways we work. Adapting to these...

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Our 5 Pillars For Perpetuating Organisational Success

As Business Psychologists, our 5 pillars for perpetuating organisational success provide a foundation for us to leverage our expertise in and experience of behavioural science to deliver evidence-based solutions for key challenges facing organisations, enabling positive and high-performing working environments. Our 5 pillars are: Performance Without high-level performance, success will remain a...

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“Change Is the Only Constant” – So How Can We Manage It Effectively?

Change is constant in any organisation. Some of the factors driving it are increased globalisation, the rapid pace of technological innovation, the shifting of the workforce, and social and demographic trends. The continuous business transformation enables employees to further develop their skills, which ultimately benefits the organisation. Although successfully managing change is crucial for organisations’...

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Hybrid Working: Benefits and Challenges

Prior to the pandemic, remote working was a concept that many organisations were hesitant to introduce. However, its prevalence and popularity have significantly amplified since then. As the Covid-19 restrictions are now lifted, the vast majority of workers are hesitant to return to the office on a full-time basis and prefer the flexibility of combining both remote and office working – a concept...

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