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News and Views

Strengthening Trust in The Workplace

Trust is an essential factor for human affairs and is strongly linked to workplace success and job satisfaction [1]. However, the shift towards hybrid and remote working, which has led to a lack of physical proximity between colleagues, has had a negative impact on relationship building and the process of building and strengthening trust between individuals. […]

System Working and the Role of the Leader

Working in a system involves moving away from a individualistic perspective and employing a holistic approach. This is achieved by considering how different parts of the system interact with each other and recognising how departments, organisations or sectors can come together to deliver a vision and tackle problems [1]. Holistic thinking emphasises the complexity, dynamism, […]

“Change Is the Only Constant” – So How Can We Manage It Effectively?

Change is constant in any organisation. Some of the factors driving it are increased globalisation, the rapid pace of technological innovation, the shifting of the workforce, and social and demographic trends. The continuous business transformation enables employees to further develop their skills, which ultimately benefits the organisation. Although successfully managing change is crucial for organisations’ […]

Supporting Neurodivergent People to Perform Their Best at Work

Recruiting neurodivergent people and including them as part of the workforce has improved in recent years. This movement has been propelled by well-known companies such as SAP, Virgin and Microsoft offering neurodivergent inclusion programs, which highlights the significance of employing neurodivergent people [1]. In this article we will be exploring the advantages of having a […]

Generational Expectations in Today’s Workforce

Today’s active workforce comprises five different generations, working together towards shared economic and commercial goals. Each generation has its own unique set of traits and values. These influence their expectations, attitudes, priorities, and behaviours at work [1] which in turn create the need for organisations to adapt their approach to their workforce. This comes with […]

How Can Career Coaching Help You During ‘The Great Resignation’?

Our experience through the pandemic has reshaped our priorities, identities, and our view of what we need from life. As a result, many of us are re-evaluating what we want from work [1] and asking ourselves ‘Why do I want to do what I do?’, ‘What am I good at?’ and ‘How can I thrive?’ […]

Hybrid Working: Benefits and Challenges

Prior to the pandemic, remote working was a concept that many organisations were hesitant to introduce. However, its prevalence and popularity have significantly amplified since then. As the Covid-19 restrictions are now lifted, the vast majority of workers are hesitant to return to the office on a full-time basis and prefer the flexibility of combining […]

Reaching Your Full Potential – The Link Between Psychometrics Tests and Development

Although we as humans all share common characteristics, each of us has our own unique sets of traits and preferences that create our psychological make-up. These form our personality which shapes our perception of the world around us and how we respond to it. In an organisational context, our personality is reflected in our work […]

Support and Challenge Groups: The Power of Group Coaching

We humans are social beings and as such, our interactions with those around us play an essential part in every aspect of our life, including the way we learn and develop. The 70-20-10 Model by McCall et al. (1988) [1] suggests that 70% of adult learning occurs through experiential learning, 20% through social learning or […]

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