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Tag: Wellbeing

Our 5 Pillars For Perpetuating Organisational Success

As Business Psychologists, our 5 pillars for perpetuating organisational success provide a foundation for us to leverage our expertise in and experience of behavioural science to deliver evidence-based solutions for key challenges facing organisations, enabling positive and high-performing working environments. Our 5 pillars are: Performance Without high-level performance, success will remain a...

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Navigating Menopause in the Workplace: Insights from Business Psychology

‘I can literally pinpoint the first moment when I think my perimenopausal (menopause) symptoms started. It’s a little bit like when a huge famous event happens, you know like the death of Princess Diana or Barack Obama becoming President of the United States. I just remember exactly where I was, what I was doing, what I was wearing, what my hair was like. Everything about that moment. I was 44 when...

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The Importance of Rest

The weather might be deceiving, but it’s summer here in the UK. The summer period is typically associated with holidays – an opportunity for people to rest and reset before returning to work. Whilst going on holiday may be a luxury, taking the time to rest is a necessity. Regardless of how busy life may seem, resting and unplugging is vital to your wellbeing. What defines rest? Individually, we...

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Supporting the Ageing Workforce

The population in the UK is aging quickly, and therefore, so is our workforce. Today’s workplaces are multi-generational, with Gen Z’s all the way up to Baby Boomers represented. Employees in their later years offer valuable experience and expertise to companies, but in order to benefit from these advantages, it’s essential that organisations support their ageing workforce. The Office for National...

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Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

As hybrid and remote working are becoming more prevalent among employees, the lines between work and home have become harder to separate and many of us have found it difficult to maintain a good work-life balance (1). In light of this, it’s important for us to recognise the benefits of spending time away from work and how to maintain a healthy balance between work and home life. What does a health...

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Maximising Employee Performance Through Compassionate Leadership

Compassion can be defined as “sensitivity to suffering/distress in self and others with a commitment to try to alleviate and prevent it” Cole-King and Gilbert, 2011. Compassionate leadership creates the right environment for individuals to enable them to reach their full potential and feel respected and valued at work [1]. It is about building close relationship thus giving us a sense of belonging...

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