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17th January 2011

The Psychology of Selling – A workshop on Sales Techniques

Several factors have been proven to lead to a more enjoyable interaction with a salesperson, thereby increasing sales results. These factors include feeling understood and listened to by a salesperson demonstrating respect and concern and taking responsibility. We all like to be communicated with in different ways. As customers, we are more receptive when someone ‘tunes in’ to how we think.

Flexing and adapting our communication style is important in all relationships. For example, it is unlikely you would speak to your partner and manager in the same way.  One situation where an adaptable approach is particularly useful is the sales environment.  Impact Consulting has developed an approach for recognising the different types of customer and matching this with the most appropriate sales style. We are currently refining this into a development workshop suited to different types of company, product and services.

Imagine yourself in a situation where a positive experience with a sales person led to you making a decision to purchase something.  What was it about the interaction that made it more pleasurable?  What did the sales person say?  How did you feel when they were communicating with you?  What was it about the encounter that encouraged you to make a purchase? The salesperson’s attitude and attention to several factors including; empathy, listening skills, respect and concern, taking responsibility and attention to detail all lead to increased sales results. Research also demonstrates that there are four differing ‘sales personalities’.

We are developing a workshop that demonstrates how you can recognise your customers preferred style and flex your own communication style to better meet your customer’s needs.  Our approach is built around our concept of ‘keeping your WITS about you’- i.e.  ‘Walking In Their Shoes.’ This is based on empathising with customers, recognising different types of customers and adapting the sales approach accordingly.

We provide communication tips for interacting more effectively with different customers, with the overall aim of helping you develop a more dynamic and successful personal style and increase sales in your organisation.

Do you need to boost sales?  For more information on our Sales Workshop contact us on 0161 351 2290 or email [email protected]