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17th January 2011

Mergers: how to ensure your organisation remains efficient and productive

Impact Consulting have helped a leading social care charity, The Federation of Jewish Services (FJS) through a merger.  The aim was to develop a unified, customer focused culture through a series of facilitated training days, workshops, mentoring and support.

Substantial progress has been made. Following the most recent workshop, the senior management team reported that we had tackled the challenging issues in a positive way and were enthused about building on the progress made.  They felt the session was constructive and provided an opportunity to air the contentious issues. This helped them emerge from the process with a more unified culture and positive outlook for the future of the new organisation.

This is a challenging period for FJS following a merger, the outcome of government strategy and the changing demography of the local community. Impact Consulting have supported us throughout this crucial period by bringing controversial issues to the fore via well planned training days. This has enabled diverse teams to work together in the attainment of united goals – the improvement of customer care, and a greater understanding of the service user experience.  As a result we have seen greater cohesion between teams and a tangible improvement in communication. There is a defined sense of “ownership” of the organisation’s strategy and a commitment to the attainment of quality. We truly appreciate their structured approach, mentoring and support. They have made a tangible difference to us.” Karen Phillips, Chief Executive, Federation of Jewish Services (FJS)

Do you have a forthcoming merger or perhaps have endured a merger only to be faced with challenges within your staff motivation?

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