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17th January 2011

Desktop Staff Selection

In the face of budget cuts it can be difficult to justify the costs of commissioning selection and assessment support.  The implications of making the wrong decisions are profound and costly. We are developing a programme to help organisations streamline the selection and assessment processes, saving money and minimising recruitment mistakes.

Impact Consulting are currently developing a Desktop Selection Programme within a not-for-profit group of companies that deliver business support, skills, training and recruitment services to individual customers and employers across Greater Manchester and the UK.  After liaising with the client, it was clear that their selection processes varied across the member organisations and were manager-led.

The challenge was to develop a selection process which is efficient within current financial and staffing resource constraints, increasing consistency across the overall group. This needs to enable managers to identify exceptional individuals with strong commitment and motivation and ‘fit’ within the prevailing culture and values.

We are currently in the diagnostic phase, analysing current practices, perceptions and potential for change.  We are defining core characteristics of job roles, and identifying the key competences of exceptional ‘star performers’. This process of analysis will continue into 2011 with the aim of developing a bespoke computer based system which all managers will be able to access and use, allowing a ‘joined-up’ selection process across the organisation, based on best practice. We feel this approach offers the potential for considerable cost savings and increased effectiveness in the public sector.

This approach will result in the production of a number of new tools and instruments which are designed to be accessible to non-practitioners. These include a Job Analysis tool, Personality Measure, Competency Assessment and a number of Ability tests based on key organisational criteria.

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