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4th December 2015

New Psychologica Tools

We are delighted to launch our latest tools from the Psychologica Model™

All About Me! is a coaching card set which helps coaches to explore their clients’ behavioural drivers (which set the style for competent behaviour). The cards can also be used to support coaching conversations by managers and HR professionals of varied levels of experience. Instructions are provided in the pack along with support information and coaching questions – but users can also find their own preferred approach. The idea is that they are played like a game of patience, where the scoring cards (very true of me, to seldom true of me) are placed as column headers, and the statement cards are placed by the participant under the heading which is most applicable to them. The statement cards can then be turned over to see the qualities, to which they refer, and a coaching conversation ensues exploring areas of high (or low) importance to the participant.

Zones™ is a range of products and workshops which help support development in the three main areas of the Psychologica Model™, we now have a work pad to support these areas. The work pads can be used as tools to help users and their clients support development in the different zones.

Achieving Aspirations™ focuses on the ‘Blue Zone’ (Thinking skills). This is an approach to help set strategy – for individual coaching clients, leadership teams and boards. The work pad helps to break down aspirations by looking at direction of travel, impact on people and emotions, and tangible factors which need to be considered. This helps to clarify future objectives and current actions.

Interactions™ focuses on the ‘Yellow Zone’ (people and emotions). This is an approach to help manage interpersonal processes and dynamics. Grounded in Transactional Analysis it is used as an aid to coaching and in group workshop situations. The work pad is a tool to help identify where an individual sits in terms of how assertive and adaptive they are in certain situations. This can then be explored in terms of what this could mean for the individual and their outcomes.

Aim to Agree™ draws on all areas and is an approach to help manage difficult conversations and conflicts in order to reach collaborative outcomes. This complements Interactions™ as a ‘how’ in relation to the ‘why’. The work pad helps to put difficult conversations/conflicts into perspective and breaks them down to help form agreed solutions.

If you would like any more information or would like to purchase any of these tools, please contact us by phone on 0161 351 2290.

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