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19th November 2015

Reflections on the CIPD 2015 Conference

During a busy couple of days exhibiting at the CIPD 2015 conference the team at Impact Consulting Psychologists managed to squeeze in time to attend some of the talks delivered by some of the biggest names in HR. We have written up some of the key points so please have a read and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Sarah Lavin attended the Opening Keynote – Mental Capital and Wellbeing at Work- Bridging the Productivity Gap by Professor Cary Cooper.

“Professor Cary Cooper highlighted the need to focus on employee well-being in order to boost productivity. This is a view that Impact Consulting Psychologists firmly believe in. Professor Cooper identified that since the recession, stress is now the largest cause of sickness absence, along with mental ill-health; presenteeism is a greater issue than absenteeism and there is a strong association between well-being and productivity. Organisational surveys were identified as an anonymous means to give employees a voice about how they are feeling at work. Our anonymous Organisational Behaviour Audit (OBA) does just this.”  Find out more about how the Organisational Behaviour Audit can help.

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Chloe O’Keeffe went to the Closing Keynote – Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader. The New Rules for Success By Professor Herminia Ibarra

Chloe said “At the end of the 2 day CIPD Conference, the final keynote speaker, Professor Herminia Ibarra gave an insightful talk based on her latest book ‘Act like a leader, think like a leader’. She began the talk emphasising the ‘What got you here won’t get you there’ mind-set and how in a changing business environment, leaders need to change their usual strategies in order to be more successful. Chloe reflected that this directly links to our research and applications of the Psychologica Model”
Learn about our Psychologica coaching model and tools.

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Clare Middleton heard Developing an Effective Leadership Culture to Support Business Change – Beneden by Inji Duducu

Clare was interested in how in this case study, the HR Director, took the audience through a series of changes that Beneden have been going through in order to increase their target market, and inevitably turn around the yearly decrease in profit through leadership development. The challenge was to minimise the effect that change had on employees, while maintaining their unique culture.
Organisations often go through transitions, such as the one experienced by Beneden. Impact Consulting Psychologists can help organisations embrace change as the norm. We work closely with teams and individuals to manage the process and overcome resistance to change.
Learn about our leadership development workshops.

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