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3rd March 2014

Celebrating 20 Years of Psychology Consultancy at Health and Wellbeing 2014

Impact Consulting Psychologists Ltd are marking 20 successful years in business by offering free speed coaching and 3 prizes at Stand 85 at the Health and Wellbeing at Work exhibition at The NEC Birmingham on 4th and 5th March 2014.

The prizes are:
A free place at a workshop “Clarity, Harmony and Growth”
A free 2 hour coaching session
A free Psychologica 360 and feedback

Impact Consulting Psychologists products and services integrate all aspects of a successful business, they work on the whole cycle from bringing the right people in, developing them to perform, and ensuring they work well together with clarity and harmony to give customer satisfaction that builds growth. The Organisation Behaviour Audit is a diagnostic tool with workshops that identify stress and negative behaviours in organisations and provide a successful method for moving from conflict to collaboration.

Shelly Rubinstein, the founder who set up the company on 1st January 1994 is a renowned Chartered Psychologist and motivational speaker who will be addressing the conference on “Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and Wellbeing at Work”.

She will talk about how emotionally intelligent leadership fosters the engagement that will lead to increased wellbeing, greater job satisfaction, increased productivity and growth. She will share the success Impact Consulting Psychologists have had in skills development in organisations that are committed to their workforce and customers. She will say “I believe that effective leadership is essential to the success of all organisations, particularly in establishing and sharing the way forward and living the values that are required to deliver it.” As you know, leadership and management development often focuses on the task aspects of management. We know that research has consistently shown that it is the ˜people skills” which define the most successful leaders.

Impact Consulting Psychologists are the sole UK distributors of the Psychologica™ range of research based products. The creator, Dr Phil Bardzil, found that there is a link between leadership behaviour and customer satisfaction which leads to business growth. Psychologica™ is an integrated approach that provides tools and techniques including a 360 degree questionnaire to enable individuals to rate themselves and then compare how others see them giving a fully rounded view of the skills and behaviours that lead to success.

Shelly Rubinstein and her colleagues invite delegates to Stand 85 to engage in an innovative presentation, discuss their latest research, have a free speed coaching session and enter a competition to win one of 3 valuable prizes.

Shelly Rubinstein
Managing Director
0161 351 2290