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16th September 2010

Brother UK case study

Brother UK, part of a worldwide electronics and manufacturing company, recently commissioned Impact Consulting to provide individual and team development for the Brother UK sales team. We used the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a personality tool that provides a constructive framework to evaluate preference for how people like to take in information, make decisions and live their lives.   The aim was to help staff to understand themselves, their customers and colleagues better, improving sales results.

Following the MBTI survey submissions we ran a series of development workshops.  Individuals had a chance to reflect on their personality type before the results were fed back to the group and discussed individually.  We then used the MBTI results to examine their individual selling style and discuss how they could refine their style and improve results.  This was then transferred to customers and how different personality types would wish to be sold to.

The workshops were received very positively by the sales team.  Participants expressed that they had learnt a lot about themselves, as well as their colleagues and customers.  They reported that the workshop equipped them with useful knowledge about how to flex their style and to communicate more effectively with different customers.   Some comments included:

 “The Myers Briggs Type Indicator was very useful in helping me understand colleagues and customers.”

 “I’ve gained a much better understanding of what makes me ‘tick’ and this will be very useful in helping me operate better with colleagues and clients.”

 “A nice atmosphere was set by the facilitator at the outset which then enabled the group to be open, honest and enjoy the session.”

 “I will use what I have learnt to make sure I understand what drives people, what makes them tick, and to make sure we use everybody’s positive attributes to contribute to achieving our goal, in this case, hitting our sales targets.”

 To find out more about MBTI and how it can be used to affect positive change in your organisation call 0161 351 2290 or email [email protected].