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16th September 2010

Career coaching workshops within the NHS

Impact Consulting along with our strategic partners, Finegreen, have been successfully running career coaching interventions for NHS East Lancashire.  This unique approach uses coaching, CV development and interview skills training to help affected staff manage the change and find new employment, avoiding redundancy. 

The benefits are fundamental.  NHS East Lancashire were able to positively manage change, minimising disruption, stress and subsequent stress-related absence.  In positively managing the change process, affected staff are left feeling more confident and optimistic.  This also means that the usual slump in productivity is minimised.  Staff greatly benefit from the support, making a smooth and dignified transition into a new role.

We have also been responsible for career management programmes for Chief Executives and Directors at NHS North West.  High levels of success were noted, resulting in most of the senior mangers being placed in jobs that suited their aspirations.

The process is voluntary and all career support is confidential.  Workshops, one-to-ones, career reviews, psychometric diagnostic assessment, career coaching, interview practise and cognitive behaviour coaching are all available.  Those taking part were able to examine their career aspirations, skills, abilities, values and personal style and are able to manage the transition positively.

To find out more about Career Coaching and how it can be used to help your organisation call 0161 351 2290 or email [email protected].