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15th December 2017

Interactive workshop – building a culture of respect in the workplace

Building a Culture of Respect and Equality: Preventing Harassment


Why do you need to attend?

Recent media attention has put a spotlight on what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour at work. A culture in which individuals of high status have power over others is not a culture in which people can thrive. Individuals should be empowered to take back control and leaders must be prepared and confident to deal with unacceptable behaviour. Responsible and high performing organisations create a culture of respect, where inequality of pay, sexual harassment and other inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated.

Join Impact for a half day, interactive, workshop to find out how you can prevent, or deal with, sexual harassment and other unacceptable behaviour in your organisation, by building a culture of respect. You will explore the nature of inappropriate behaviour, including so called ‘grey’ areas, the impact that it has on individuals and the organisation and what you can do about it. Run by business psychologists, this practical workshop is based on the latest research from psychology and behavioural science.

What you will take away:

  • the business case for tackling inappropriate behaviours, including the impact that sexual harassment has on the individual and the wider organisation
  • ability to deal with unacceptable behaviour with confidence, including exploring the ‘grey’ area between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour
  • ways to start to build a culture of respect and what you can do personally to help

Workshop places are strictly limited to ensure that you leave with practical tools and an action plan that you can implement immediately.

Who is it for?

It is for leaders, managers and anyone with an interest in building a culture of respect in their organisation.

When is it?

23rd February 2018 (9am – 1pm)

Manchester City Centre

£175 + VAT.

Book now

Please fill out the booking form below, or alternatively, download our booking form and return this to [email protected] or contact us for more information.

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