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Coaching: Senior Nurse in the North West transitioning to a new role in NHS England

Andrea Boland, who was promoted to North West Regional Head of Nursing and Midwifery,  worked with Impact to transition into her new role and organisation through a coaching programme with Shelly Rubinstein. She was keen to focus on leading the teams effectively into their new roles. Her evaluation of the programme was positive and she shared her thoughts about the programme with us to encourage others to develop.

“From our first meeting through to my 3 executive coaching sessions, Shelly utilised an appreciative inquiry approach focusing on my strengths, agreeing the coaching objectives was really useful in getting me to focus on what I wanted to achieve, which really helped focus my mind.

The approach was really valuable in helping me to understand me and how my personal and professional life have made me who I am today. I really enjoyed how Shelly took me on a journey of self-development from looking at my strengths and why I am the way I am and how my life experience has made me!

Each session built on the previous session, we reviewed previously agreed actions and then focused on the objective of the coaching session. I now feel more self-aware, have an improved work life balance, but also a vision of where I may direct my career path over the next 12 months – thank you!