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Dialing Up Psychological Safety in Your Team

Why does it matter?

Psychological Safety is the belief that our environment is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.

What Psychological Safety in teams looks like:

  • Team members feel confident that they would not be embarrassed or punished by the others for making a mistake, proposing a new idea or asking a question.
  • Team members feel comfortable making themselves vulnerable in front of the others – dependent on the belief that those around you would give you the benefit of the doubt when you are taking risks.

It matters because improved levels of Psychological Safety have been shown to lead directly to:

  • Improved communication, sharing of knowledge and engagement
  • Improved openness to learning, facilitating continuous improvement
  • Improved performance with greater levels of creativity and innovation
  • Positive employee attitudes and improved commitment to the organisation
  • Increased levels of initiative

What will the workshop cover?

  • Identification of what is working well and can be further leveraged
  • Identification of improvement opportunities
  • Description of barriers and enablers
  • Work on agreed action plan
  • Development of processes and measures for ongoing review and improvement

At a glance

The Package

  • Half Day Workshop
  • Real time anonymous survey to identify current levels
  • Action focused working sessions to develop and implement solutions


  • £2500 + VAT*

What will it deliver?

  • A current state snapshot of Psychological Safety levels and an ongoing process for measurement and review
  • Agreed action plan to leverage strengths and address issues and opportunities
Mike Giffin

Mike Giffin

Director of Business Psychology