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Executive and Global Team Performance

Executive and Global Team Performance 1Our team were delighted to be asked to work with a talented executive within AstraZeneca, who was identified as a highflier.

A series of bespoke coaching sessions focused on the appreciation of strengths and the identification of specific development needs and support related to leading their global team, spanning the UK, US and India. This led to further group coaching work with the whole team, which was based on individual styles and appreciation of strengths, engaging each other using positivity and most importantly, promoting the business.

“Shelly’s support and coaching has been invaluable in my professional development, both for myself and my team. Her insight into different management, leadership and behavioural styles has allowed me to develop as a manager and to better understand competing stakeholder needs in the large matrix organisation in which I operate.”
Adam McArthur
Assistant General Counsel UK, AstraZeneca

As with all global companies, there was a need for the team to examine some of the tough choices that had to be made when it was not possible to do everything.

They worked on ‘’Doing more with less – and doing it better”. Issues addressed in a group setting included:

  • How to prioritise when making the operation more streamlined – how do they decide what to do, what is the overall strategy and the values against which the priorities will be measured?
  • Managing the politics – Assertive messages in a political context, how do they anticipate, influence and control? How do we take waste out of the system?

Responses from the team about the value of the work with Impact were excellent. Feedback from team members including reports of increased confidence in their abilities, greater levels of assertiveness, awareness of what they could control and increased awareness of the impact of their work on other parts of the business. Show Less (Action Button to Reduce)