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3rd November 2015

Winners in the NHS North West Excellence in Supply Awards!

We are delighted to have been recognised in the NHS in the North West Excellence in Supply Awards category of Non Clinical Innovation  by NHS North West Procurement.

We have been recognised for helping NHS Trusts to develop growth strategies, improve customer experience and increase productivity through change leadership. Working in collaboration to design and deliver an assessment and development programme for NHS leaders of the future in clinical roles, as well as with finance, procurement and IM&T managers as part of the “Future Leaders” programme contributed to the award.

The purpose of these initiatives was in response to concerns, across the health and social care system, about insufficient succession planning and low readiness of the talent pipeline.

The innovative approach included fast-paced, life-like hypothetical scenarios with organisationally relevant challenges including cross-boundary working, systems, budgetary and contingency planning elements. The emphasis was on innovative, highly interactive exercises and unforeseen real-time challenges incorporating technology.

Following evaluation, 97% of delegates felt their development experience has enabled them to develop their awareness of what they need to do to move into a Board level role, 100% of delegates felt that it was managed in a professional way and 97% would recommend the intervention to other aspirant Directors. A year on, we are delighted to report that approximately 10% of aspirant leaders have already gained a promotion to a more senior role.

A delegate provided the following feedback: ‘‘I came out with so many things. It was value for money and a senior colleague has since commented that he has seen me grow into the role.’’

The programmes have been so successful, they have been re-commissioned.

Winners in the NHS North West Excellence in Supply Awards! 1