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18th September 2015

The Importance of Work Experience

Here at Impact Consulting, we recognise that finding a job after University can be a challenging and stressful time, especially with little or no relevant experience. There are however organisations who welcome interns and/or trainees at certain times of year and we are glad to be one of them. We recognise that it’s hard to stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market which is why we take on an intern who is working towards their masters in Occupational Psychology in the summer months. This is a mutually beneficial relationship where the student gains practical experience and the company gains a team member who is happy to assist on a variety of projects.

Read about how our Summer 2015 work experience student found his time working with the team:

‘I had a 3-month work placement at Impact Consulting Psychologists. Apart from learning through the tasks that I was assigned to, I learned a lot from my friendly and experienced colleagues. More often than not, Assessment Centre Design is an area where Occupational Psychologists would get involved in planning and organising. As a person who has an immense interest in Personnel Selection and Assessment, the opportunity to get involved in organising the related documents and to facilitate the activities at the Assessment Centres, was highly appreciated. Not only did I obtain experience and skills, the faith from the company and colleagues enhanced my belief in the impact of my contribution. Meanwhile, things that I’ve learnt from lectures could be used practically and provided me with additional insights that I might never be able learn from books and lectures.

In short, my work placement offered me a platform where I could use my skills, ability and experience in a practical way. Also, don’t ever underestimate what you can learn from your colleagues, their experience can always be useful for your future career and provide you with some valuable inspirations.’

Adam Chan

MSc Organisational Psychology student, University of Sheffield