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20th May 2020

Our online consulting services during COVID-19

Our business has adapted to the current situation and we are now offering 100% fully online management consulting services, which can be delivered anywhere in the UK. This suggests your organisation and its people can continue to develop and thrive, despite current circumstances. Here is a taster of some of the few things we can help you with:

Executive Coaching

Our qualified and experienced coaches can assist you to examine your future. Coaching delivery is virtual either as 1-to-1 or group intervention, using proven and effective approaches and models, that help people realise their full potential. Shelly Rubinstein, Impact’s Chief Executive, possesses over 30 years of experience, working with senior executives in the private sector including International banking, FMCG and service industries focussing on the challenges facing Chief Executives and Directors of organisations. She also has extensive experience in the public sector including the NHS, Local, National and European governments. Shelly has been coaching and developing senior civil servants in a range of Government Departments as well as coaching Ministers and MPs.

Talent Assessment

We help organisations attract and select the best candidates, placing talented people in the right roles. The methods we employ are both evidence-based but also innovative and technologically advanced. Impact offers a range of virtual cost-effective solutions that can help you cover the talent needs of your business. Talent solutions include:

  • Assessment consultation services, to address any recruitment related challenges and identify ways to fill your ‘talent gaps’
  • Assessment solutions that include psychometrics (personality and ability testing), situational judgement tests, interviews, and assessment centres. All delivered virtually, ensuring a fair selection process
  • Assessment evaluation: any selection process that is not being evaluated can be considered incomplete. We work with you to identify measurable KPI’s and evaluate new hires against them.

Team Development

Successful teams drive performance. All our online team development programmes aim to help your people uncover their full potential and work collaboratively to ensure the business’ success. Above all, we help individuals develop understanding, skills, and strategies to overcome challenges. Depending on your needs, they may involve individual online personality assessment, accompanied by 1-to-1 feedback. They then, build up to a dynamic session where members share their profiles and develop a collective understanding of the team’s strengths and areas of development. Moreover, we train teams in specific areas of interest such as conflict resolution, strategic and commercial thinking, effective communication, and collective emotional intelligence.

Leadership Development

Working side by side with your organisation ensures that we identify potential leaders and develop current leadership teams. We design bespoke leadership development centres to measure the skills and behaviours of employees and help you establish a ‘potential leaders’ benchmark by creating an organisational leadership profile. We have an unrivalled reputation for working at board level and our facilitators are nationally recognised for their expertise in working with senior leadership. Using occupational psychology tools, we work with your Executive Team and Board to develop their understanding of their overall and collective purpose. As a result, they achieve their objectives, enhance the team working partnership, and communicate effectively.

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Our online consulting services during COVID-19 1