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19th July 2011

“Leading Together” One Year Later – Clinical Leadership using a multi professional approach

Shelly Rubinstein, MD of Impact Consulting Psychologists, one of the collaborative of providers of the programme, presented her vision of clinical leadership in the future at the “Leading Together – one year later” follow up workshop. This explored the ongoing value of the Leading Together Programme; a multi professional programme aimed at developing leadership within the NHS. It examined the impact the programme had on individuals and their ability to transfer any learning into application in the workplace. The programme was independently evaluated by Innovas and feedback was presented during the workshop.

The day highlighted the success of the programme and the benefit in collaborating across professions and providers. It was satisfying to see several participants who had gained promotions, enriched their roles and changed the way they were working for the better. A participant reported that she had won funding for 12 months for £70k for an innovation process where she had to put a business case to 13 committees. She stated “I have done a few leadership programmes – this one pulled it together and I realised what I knew was being built on. I had done the work but not put it into practice – it helped me appreciate this.”

Shelly Rubinstein’s message was about the importance of paying attention to “people skills” in times of change. She highlighted the challenges facing high performing leadership teams. She outlined the lessons that had been learned by organisations which had gone through complex change. She advised on how to take Clinical leadership forward. Her final message was 3 key points:

1. Remain true to self – your values and beliefs.
2. Work on understanding others and collaborating with them.
3. Stay positive and it will “come good” it will help you and others.

The response to Shelly’s presentation gave rise to the following comments from the audience.

“We can see how important it is to get a win-win”

“Remain positive in difficult times”

“Understanding emotional intelligence has helped me – my self belief has increased”

“Leadership development is a key enabler in delivering quality”

“Being aware of the politics and what other people’s positions are their values qualities and styles are important”

“Now I put the others head on and see things how others see them –I look at the opposite of what my type is”

The presentation is available if you contact Shelly on

Results demonstrated that one aspect of the programme that had the greatest impact was the understanding of personal style and how we interact with others using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Impact Consulting Psychologists had facilitated this aspect of the programme and had provided feedback and a two hour coaching session prior to the programme which enabled delegates to integrate their increased personal awareness into their overall learning. Participants provided feedback which included the following comments:

‘… now in a role which is totally outside my clinical expertise – I gained the confidence to do this’
‘Made an impact on awareness of what can be changed and that everything is up for negotiation – don’t have to be stuck’
‘I have put together a successful business case. I changed the slant and presentation as now more politically aware and sensitive – therefore I was successful’
‘I have learned that creativity is about changing the way things have always been rigidly done’
‘On my return negotiated a new role at a higher level’

Presentations made by participants on their progress so far highlighted their experiences following the programme.

One participant reflected that she had been in a very challenging situation and due to the insight, support and skills she gained from the programme she has secured a role which plays to her strengths. She has subsequently won an award for patient services and has gained grant for original research. She shared with those present the impact that “Leading Together” had on her and how transferable her new skills are.
• Liberated her confidence.
• Gave better understanding of leadership style.
• Enabled her to realise her personal aspirations.
• Restored her energies and passion in NHS.
• Now celebrates success more openly.

This event was hosted by the NHS NW Leadership Academy.