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23rd March 2015

Inspirational Leaders of the Future

Since November 2014, as part of the Future Leaders programme, we have been designing and facilitating workshops to help members of the NHS North West Finance Informatics and Procurement networks develop their leadership skills and realise their full potential. 36 members were carefully interviewed and selected to join the programme last year and split into two separate groups – which consisted of some truly engaged and enthusiastic people. These workshops were in line with other coaching sessions and action learning sets and the Future Leaders programme will continue until early next year.

Workshops we designed and facilitated throughout the programme included:

  • Personal Leadership Impact
  • Thinking Differently
  • Engaging Teams
  • Leading Change
  • Collaboration, Conflict resolution and Negotiation
  • Accountability, Power and Politics

We are just finishing up the final workshops, so we would like to wish everyone who took part the greatest success with the rest of the programme and in the future!

”Impact Consulting have designed and facilitated six full day modules as part of the Future Leaders Programme. I have been most impressed by the level of collaboration that has gone in to the design and development of these sessions and the willingness to see me as a co-facilitator. I have been party to each module and the feedback has been extraordinarily positive. An approach which allows plenty of discussion and debate about how models and theories impact individuals’ every day practice has been extremely helpful.” – Alison Singleton (NW Skills Development Network Lead/Future Leaders Programme)

Photos from both groups who took part:

Inspirational Leaders of the Future 1

Inspirational Leaders of the Future 2

Inspirational Leaders of the Future 3

Inspirational Leaders of the Future 4

Inspirational Leaders of the Future 5