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21st April 2016

Inside Impact Consulting Psychologists – Week 1

Inside Impact Consulting Psychologists - Week 1 1

In the first of our new series #insideImpactPsycs, find out why Allison, our Office Manager, thinks we have been so successful over our 22 years in business

  1. Why do you think Impact Consulting Psychologists has been so successful over the last 22 years?

I think it is the expertise of the Psychologists. Not many other companies have the same skills and qualities that we do at Impact Consulting Psychologists. We are very person centred, caring, honest and genuine. Everyone tries to make a difference, believes in what they do and always tries to do the right thing. This fits with our values, we all share the same values which is really important, it wouldn’t work otherwise.

We do bespoke work that offers value. It’s not just off the shelf, we always design work with the client in mind. We are a small company and people like that as it means that we can offer a more bespoke, personalised approach