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24th March 2017

Impact visit The Calabash Trust through Ethical Tourism

Impact visit The Calabash Trust through Ethical Tourism 1

Recently, Impact’s Managing Director & Chartered Occupational Psychologist Shelly Rubinstein visited the Calabash Trust whilst visiting South Africa. Founded In 1999, the Calabash Trust is a non-profit non-government organisation based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa promoting ethical tourism and community empowerment in local townships. As well as being at the forefront of community-led development projects, the organisation provides excellent opportunities for overseas volunteers to help out in local schools and pre-schools as part of their commitment to educational promotion initiatives for disadvantaged children.

Additionally, the trust offers the opportunity for individuals and businesses to sponsor such children on their path through the academic system, this manifests itself in a plethora of ways which support the child in their efforts. For example, Calabash Trust provide learning support alongside nutritional support in an effort to optimise their contribution towards disadvantaged children. The contribution made by the trust extends beyond this into initiatives such as upskilling unemployed adults in the townships in order to maximise the chances of such groups being able to generate their own income through the creation of small businesses. By establishing and carrying out workshops on sewing, soap making and gardening, the trust are able to empower such sections of the community.

On the visit, Shelly met with young people and visited a young woman with a crafts business. She was impressed by the Trust and has since put the wheels in motion to support a local child through the education system. The values of the Calabash Trust (i.e. their total commitment to the local community) resonated significantly with Shelly and were congruent with the values of Impact Consulting Psychologists. The opportunity to contribute towards their endeavours seemed an obvious choice. It is hoped that such a contribution will go towards helping young South African children through the scholastic system.

Impact visit The Calabash Trust through Ethical Tourism 2