17th January 2011

How can you help your staff deal with change?

Impact Consulting has developed a Coaching and Career Management Programme to help individuals and organisations manage organisational change, including redundancy, restructure and increased pressure. The workshops ensure participants remain committed, understand the new requirements and are motivated and able to take on the new challenge with gusto.

As we know, the NHS is experiencing unprecedented changes, with regard to ‘Liberating the NHS’, alongside drastic cost cutting. Such radical change cannot be achieved without considerable pain; job insecurity, stress and increased pressure in the workplace.  For some departments, this involves restructuring services and adopting a more commercial, revenue focused approach. The NHS is not alone in facing such issues. Organisations large and small are facing similar pressures as we continue to be in the grip of an unstable, declining economy.

Case study one: Career Management for a Primary Care Trust

One such example of our Career Management workshops was delivered in 2010 for a North West PCT .  We provided them with a series of development workshops to support staff affected by the PCT reconfiguration.   The sessions provided staff with coaching and support during a very difficult time.

One of the main benefits reported by participants was the fact that the workshops allowed them to develop a better understanding of their response to change, including the typical emotions they experience and the associated behaviours.  Other results included the development of useful coping mechanisms and an increase in positivity.  The participants found that the process of identifying their work values helped them in their career choices. Many stated that the skills developed during our session boosted their confidence at a difficult time.

Managers are also in a unique position as so much of the situation is out of their control.  Many leaders are facing redundancy or redeployment.  They have asked us, “how can we provide support and keep our staff motivated when we are feeling so un-motivated ourselves?” Our Career Development workshops are an excellent way of providing staff with this support.  Our objective is to equip participants with the skills and attitudes that they can draw on for the rest of their lives, ensuring positive change is sustainable.  The results of the workshop extend far beyond the day itself.

Some comments following the Career Management workshops:

“The workshop was excellent.  It boosted my self confidence at a very difficult time.  It gave me some good ideas regarding my CV and helped me believe in myself and my potential.”

“I will use what I have learned to cope better with any future changes.”

“I found discussing reactions to change (and how to take control) with colleagues helpful.  It helped me to realise we were all experiencing similar feelings and that it was ‘normal’.  Thinking about my work values also helped when I was applying for jobs. Developing my CV made me realise the importance of focusing on achievements, and I put this into practice in my job applications (and was successful in securing 2 jobs so it must have helped somewhere along the line).”

Case study two: The funny side of marketing

Uncertainties in the future of the NHS have meant that some departments are being asked to change their focus.  For example, rather than being a service provider, they are required to think like a business in order to ensure survival, and market their services in order to compete with external providers and ‘the outsourcing option’.

Impact Consulting provided a development workshop for the HR team in an NHS Foundation Trust in the North West facing such a challenge.

The concept of exceptional customer service was the theme throughout the day and was conveyed in a fun way to capture the imagination of participants.  Impact Consulting worked alongside Ashley Boroda, a stand-up comedian.   He worked with staff to demonstrate how to make marketing presentations using some of the techniques of stand-up to increase their confidence in promoting and selling their services.

We engaged participants by considering how they would run the HR Service if it was their own business and they had the power to make positive changes.  This enabled participants to feel more involved and empowered to implement the changes.  By asking them to put themselves in the customers’ shoes they were able to understand what is really required and which, from a range of possible selling styles, would be best suited to the customer’s personality.  By developing this empathy they were able to design a service that exceeds customer expectations. Participants were also given the opportunity to provide some creative input into marketing the service and awards were given for the best promotional posters created.

The day was extremely enjoyable and was very well received by the delegates. The  evaluation feedback was great:

“As always, a well structured, well thought out, creative workshop that hit the right notes.  The team were ‘buzzing’ the following day – it proved to be a great team building day with great learning outcomes.  What I love about Impact is that your team is ‘real’ and people relate well to you.  Thank you!” Kerry Tanfield, Associate Director of HR, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

“The workshop was brilliant; the exercise about customer service was particularly interesting and enlightening and helped me gain a better understanding of how to communicate better with both internal and external customers.” Delegate comment.

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