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6th December 2013

Conflict Management Masterclass – 27.03.14. Sign up today!

Conflict to Collaboration:
Minimising Destructive Behaviour in Organisations

Conflict can bring out the worst in people and when nothing is done to effectively resolve such matters; it can be the fuel to elicit stressful working environments. Consequently, individuals and organisations can become entangled in a negative climate of fear which can end up being very costly in terms of people and money.

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In this engaging and resourceful Master Class, Chartered Psychologist, Shelly Rubinstein of Impact Consulting Psychologists will explore how you can identify potential causes of conflict and how these situations can be successfully managed before they become detrimental to you and your organisation.

This session will cover:

• The principles of conflict resolution and why it is important to resolve conflict
• What happens when conflict escalates and how to effectively manage this
• How to recognise when external help is needed (e.g. mediation or culture audits)

Research shows that sustaining positive and supportive work cultures underpinned by visionary leadership, shared responsibility and reward, better enables organisations to combat and survive economic downturn.

This Masterclass will highlight how you can go from Conflict to Collaboration to improve performance and increase productivity.

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The Masterclass will be held at the address below from 9am-12pm on Thursday 27th March 2014.

1 St James Square
M2 6DN

We hope to see you there!

Please get in touch if you would like any further information.

0161 351 2290
[email protected]