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4th August 2015

A Rewarding Development Intervention

Following research commissioned by the NHS North West Leadership Academy to identify the ‘essential ingredients’ for a ‘new type of NHS leader’, a prospectus of modules and other development opportunities including coaching, mentoring and 360 feedback was opened up to the membership. Impact Consulting, Pace and Aspire were further commissioned to develop and deliver a number of practical modules in the form of one day workshops. As we value the benefits of feedback, (read our previous post here :)) we have decided to share some positive and rewarding responses we have received following the workshops.

We will continue to deliver these modules in the Autumn and look forward to ensuring that NHS leaders are well equipped with the tools to succeed on their leadership journeys.

Read more below for a summary of the objectives of each module and some snippets of feedback! 😀

Module: Innovation and Creative Thinking

This module was developed from the essential ingredient ‘Thinking differently and making things happen’.

During the Innovation and Creative Thinking workshop a number of frameworks and tools are introduced giving some practical ways to apply more innovation and creative thinking processes to the day job (individually and with teams).  Attendees explore innovation and creativity from a different sector alongside the healthcare sector with the aid of an external speaker.

Some qualitative feedback from attendees who attended the day:

‘Novel CPD – interesting tools and techniques. Facilitator’s passion for topic was excellent’

‘I now have some useful tools to take back and trust with my teams… Hopefully creating innovative change!’

‘Some real gems I have taken away with m and one absolute ‘aha’ moment which will be worth its weight in gold’

‘Excellent delivery, Good guest speaker, lots of good interactive sessions’

Module: Improving Personal Performance in Challenging Communications

This module was developed from the essential ingredient ‘Communicating with credibility and across boundaries.’

This module involves applying sound psychological theory and practice to make a real difference in personal performance in challenging conversations. Attendees apply evidence-based approaches to address distortions and build resilience when dealing with challenging communications. Interactive sessions are combined with individual reflection while working on a range of exercises, including case studies and role plays. The day concludes with devising an action plan to deal with live issues participants may have.

Some comments prior to these workshops included:

‘The subject matter was very well constructed and delivered with excellent opportunities for personal development’

‘Practical steps and role playing especially helpful… Would definitely recommend’

‘Excellent day, challenging but hits the spot!’

Module: Strategic & Commercial Awareness

This module was developed based on the two essential ingredients ‘Strategic and whole systems thinking’ and ‘Commercial and business focused’.

An expert guest speaker outlines the concept of strategic and commercial awareness in the context of the modern health and social care landscape. Attendees have the opportunity to learn from others across the system, use business models to analyse the current market and understand how to best use their organisations strengths. Alongside this, an insight is gained into the key budgetary considerations and basic aspects of NHS financial processes.

Some qualitative feedback from NHS leaders included:

‘I will view finances in a different way by trying to adapt the learning in day to day practice’

‘I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss new learning with colleagues in different organisations and from different disciplines.’

‘Very thought provoking… useful sessions and found the group discussions engaging’

‘Great value, courses complement each other’

Module: Leading with Compassion and Moral Purpose

This was developed on the basis of the essential ingredients ‘Authentic Leadership of self and of others’ and ‘Moral purpose’.

It has been recognised that there is a need for leaders who will work with compassion and a strong sense of moral purpose. This module looks at how compassion fits with the current healthcare leadership context, how to develop approaches to resolve moral and ethical dilemmas and identify how mind-set influences these approaches. An expert guest speaker outlines what leading with compassion actually means in meeting the challenges of the current and future climate. Participants also take part in facilitated group discussions using case studies alongside individual self-reflection.

Some feedback from the day included:

’Thought proving, inspirational speakers, this session has helped me to appreciate the need for self-compassion after recently feeling overwhelmed with hierarchical procedures’

‘The range of materials and discussion topics has helped me to get the most out of the day, discussion topics were excellent and lead to good debate with colleagues from different parts of the healthcare economy’

‘I was given sufficient time to reflect and discuss with colleagues. Facilitators were good and adopted a coaching approach. Really enjoyed the talk’